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Iron products surface pretreatment

Time:2012-06-12 10:04:29

 In order to ensure that the decorative coating (plating) layer and the surface of the iron products have a good combination of power, must be coated (plated) before the implementation of the oxide on the surface of iron products, welding slag, rust marks, grease, dirt, moistureremoval of as much as possible, otherwise easily lead coated (plated) layer blistering, cracking, from the layer and spalling phenomenon. The so-called to be addressed is to mechanical or chemical or electrochemical process to remove surface defects before the Iron products coated (plated).

1, To rust, to remove oxide scale welding slag manual processing, mechanical processing, injection processing, chemical treatment (pickling), electrochemical treatment and flame treatment umethod. Manual processing sing emery cloth, scrapers, hammer chisel, wire brush, waste grinding wheel and other tools, polished by hand to knock shovel, sweep the brush to remove rust, oxide, and welding slag, dust and other surface dirt. Mechanical treatment the most commonly used wind (power) to move brush, gun rust removal, polishing wheel and wind (electric) shovels and other tools, the high-frequency impact and friction by mechanical force, the role of rust and remove the old paint and dirt of oxide . Injection treatment is the use of centrifugal machinery, compressed air, high pressure water as the driving force, the abrasive, sand, steel shot projectile to the surface of the iron products, impact and friction out of the oxide scale, rust marks, old paint, sand, etc.. The chemical treatment of acidic solution using a special formula to dip, dissolved iron products, through a chemical reaction to remove the net oxide scale, rust marks, oil, known as "pickling".

2, Degreasing and iron products in terms of general organic solvents may be used, lye, and electrochemical methods, currently sold in a variety of metal cleaning agent is more suitable.

In this way, surface of doors are well pretreated. They are smoothly and well antirusty.