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Surface protection and decorative iron products

Time:2012-06-12 10:08:23

Surface is made of wrought iron products to reduce and avoid the corrosion of metal surfaces, but also play a decorative role, process implementation process known as surface protection and decorative wrought iron products. Iron products is concerned, the general surface protection and decorative ways to deal with. There are many kinds of specific treatment, but in terms of the iron products, commonly used in the coating and plating (hot dip), if the two and durability in terms of the best.

1, non-metallic protective layer: Iron products surface coating layer or several layers of organic and inorganic compounds, such as paints, plastics, rubber, asphalt, enamel, acid-proof materials, rust oil.

2, the metal protective layer: layer not easily corroded metal or alloy deposited on the surface of the iron products, such as zinc, tin, nickel, chromium, copper, titanium and so on. Common methods: electroplating, plating, hot-dip plating, etc., but for the metal protective layer on the iron products generally should be used in hot-dip galvanized as well. Professional before plating be plated workpiece degreasing rust and high temperature dip in the zinc melt in 440 degrees Celsius, so the coating can mask many flaws and gaps, to avoid pan-rust (especially suitable for outdoor wrought iron products, anti-rust), and excellent adhesion properties.

3, chemical protective layer: chemical and electrochemical methods to make iron products formed on the surface layer of non-metallic film layer of protection, such as the surface of black, blue, phosphate treatment.