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Wrought Iron Fabrication Explaining

Time:2013-02-25 10:29:51

When you commission a piece of wrought iron fabrication for the first time, you may find that you come across a lot of confusing new terms. So we’ve put together a little glossary of some of the more common terminology, to give you a head start on the basics of what is being carried out on your behalf.

CAD & CAM: Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing utilises computers to assist with drawing up and producing intricate designs in sheet iron and other parts. All of our doors and gates are drawn by CAD, and related details and theirs dimension are clear show on the drawing. 


Coining: A process that compresses sheet iron across a mould at such high pressure that it takes on enough fluidity to reform into a new shape.

Drawing: The application of a precise amount of pressure to ensure that metal neither thins nor wrinkles while it is formed into a desired shape.

Hydroforming: A method of pipe expansion and shaping that uses water at high pressures. This method provides flexibility and is useful when forming complex solid shapes.

Punching: The act of piercing a hole through iron using a punch press. Using a machine gives the ability to create a series of holes of the exact same shape and size.

Roll Forming: The process of shaping sheet metal by increments as it passes through a series of rolls that each bend the metal slightly more until the desired shape is achieved.

Shearing: A cutting action through sheet metal, usually along a straight line.

Stamping: A general term that refers to all shaping and design work carried out on metal.

So next time you’re talking to the experts at SE IRONDOORS about the designs of your new wrought iron doors and gates or stainless steel staircase, you’ll be better equipped to chat like a pro!

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