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How to choose your wrought iron entry door

Time:2013-03-20 10:32:45

1. Consider your entry way.

Does your opening require a single door, or a door with one or two sidelights? Can the opening altered or is there room for a transom? SE IRONWARE can help with any combination and make the right door for you, complete with your choice finish and hardware. 

2. Choose your door style

To complement the architecture of your home,SE IRONWARE offer a wide array of doors, sidelight and transom. Select one of our rustic and hand-forged door with dule pannel glass. Tell us the size, and we can design a suitable door for you. Flat top, eyebrow arch top as well as round top door are also available. Styles of doors can be found in our catalogue, even you can tell us the design of doors you want.   Hey, pls refer to the followings for more details:


3. Choose your glass

Enhance the beauty of your entry door to create greater curb appeal with our beautiful glass designs. Select from a variety of glass sizes and matching sidelights and transoms. Many designs offer choices of  colors to complement hardware,sidelight and hinge finishes. Complementing garage with windows are also available.

4. Choose your finish

Finished for you, please refer to finished colors for your reference as follows. You can choose your favorite color for your doors. 

5.Choose your hardware

Premium lockset and related handles are also available, choose the right one for your doors to make everything perfect.

When you get inpired, we get creative. Our focus is to provide top quality service for all of our customers. Choose SE iron doors and gates to make your home secure without sacrificing styles.  Feel free to contact Ken any time, and he will do favors for you.